Roundtable Panel Discussion: Live/Work/Make Spaces

The Arts Council is hosting its quarterly Round Table for Creatives on June 11, 2024:
•    Who: All visual artists, performing artists, musicians, literary artists, and creative businesses are welcome!
•    What: A vibrant discussion about creative work/live spaces, particularly the Arts Overlay District and its possibilities (see attached)
•    Where: Rockford Music Academy, 226 S. 2nd Street
•    When: 11:30 am- 1 pm on June 11, 2024
•    Why: The Arts Council has heard a consistent message from creatives about live/work spaces and the financial literacy required to achieve it.

The Arts Council recently partnered with Midland States Bank, as a sponsor of these Round Tables, and we’re hosting a panel discussion about this important topic. Panel discussion participants include:
o    Scott Capovilla: City of Rockford, Planning and Zoning Manager
o    Martesha Brown and Shazma Jones: Midland States Bank
o    Ashley Sarver: Studio GWA, Principle and TIF expert

Please RSVP, at your earliest convenience to info @, as we will serve lunch!

PO Box 4128, Rockford, IL 61110
ramicommittee @

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